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Lewis Road, Colpitts Settlement

This was my parent's home.  I moved here with my family in February 2016.  We sold it in October 2019.  I made a lot of changes/upgrades/renos during my years here.

In the kitchen: I installed new cabinet moulding, painted the cabinets, made & installed wood countertops, traded out the white appliances for black ones, installed subway tile backsplash, new sink & faucet, new cabinet hardware, made wall shelving, made a hutch (a repurpose deal), and made a side bench (made the back and installed it on the wall, leaving the base to easily pull out to use up by the table when needed), in addition I made the wall message board, refinished and reupholstered the dining set, and refinished the Bombay arch mirror.  This area also got new lighting and we cannot overlook my custom designed light fixture using an antique bicycle wheel!

Throughout:  I designed and installed new trim in every room except the bathroom and master bedroom (it was the last big project and I ran out of time).  I repainted throughout, and replaced the window blinds.  Some decor items were built/repurposed/designed by myself.

Living room:  Both windows were replaced in 2018.

Bathroom:  I refinished the cabinet hardware.

Bedroom 1:  I designed and installed crown moulding (in this room only) and painted the ceiling.  I bought the new light fixture and spray painted it gold to add some glam.

Bedroom 2:  This room already had the wainscotting but was incorrectly installed overtop the rough not-really-trim that was around the doorways and window. I had to carefully trim it back to where it should be and replace the trim completely.  Then I painted the wainscotting.  It completely transformed the room.

Exterior:  I found some free discarded leftover siding and we sided the baby barn, thoroughly cleaned the terribly dirty siding, and then I painted the siding white to match the house.  I designed and built the barn doors.  I stained all exterior wood the same colour (after properly prepping, of course).  We re-landscaped as it was needing a freshening.  I stained the landscape ties, the landscape bricks (which were originally red), and the patio stones (which were in various stages of aging and looking awful). I designed and built new shutters.  The doors got painted.

Although I designed it all and did a LOT of the work myself, I did not do ALL the work by myself.  My ex-husband not ex at the time, my children, and my parents all played huge parts in what I was able to get accomplished.  I could not have done it all without their help.

Here are some 'before' pictures. The "after" pictures can be found on the "my personal homes" tab.

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