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Mom & Dad's Home

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Mom & Dad bought this house in February 2016. They didn't really take any before pictures. They just saved the photos from the realtor listing. Then, as they did changes to make it their own, again they really didn't take any pictures. I will put a slideshow of what I have for 'before' pictures at the bottom of this post.

As for the 'after' pictures, you likely already seen them and came here after. LOL. But if you didn't, click HERE to go see them.

By the end of the summer of 2016, Dad had already dug up around the front of the house to replace the drain tiles around the basement so that evolved in Mom & Dad doing the front landscaping. They chose & did everything themselves. For exterior design, the only things I had a hand in is: helping Mom choose the colour to paint the foundation and front steps, I sprayed the front exterior door for her, and I designed the baby barn doors. Dad built the baby barn himself primarily and had some help from family.

The first indoor makeover Mom wanted was for the bathroom. We began the plans in the fall of 2016 and began implementing them over the coming months. You can see the plans we came up with HERE. As you will see in the 'before' pictures below, the original bathroom was blue with seashells wallpaper border. Totally not my mom's thing.

She ripped off the border, took down the old mirror, patched the walls the best she could and used whatever paint on hand (happened to be gold) and painted the walls . . . just to get rid of the blue & seashells. Then, her & Dad bought a small roll of cushion flooring at a local hardware store and they installed it. It looks like grey wood floors now. Then, we finally found a good deal on Kijiji for a second hand vanity, the perfect size to fit in there and was in lovely shape! We found the Carrera marble laminate countertop in another Kijiji ad and Dad cut and installed that, as well. I ordered the new black hardware from a business partnership company for a good deal.

The walls were such a bumpy mess that they weren't easily salvageable so we bought paintable wallpaper to cover the mess. Mom installed the wallpaper, I painted it. Mom & I found backsplash she liked and her & I installed that and continued it around the room like a border. I framed it out with oak hobby board. Mom & Dad finished up the accenting pieces (vanity lights, mirror, decor). The transformation is amazing!

In February 2017, I designed a kitchen island for my mom. I used the bottom of a china cabinet for the base and covered the back of it with beadboard paneling. Mom & I went shopping and found bookends to use as corbels. For the top, I used part of a solid core wood door and edged it with oak hobby board. I stained & top coated the countertop and painted the base. You can read about all of that HERE.

In March of 2017, I updated the dining room. I, with the help of family, sanded the bumpy walls and painted the previously beige walls grey. Mom wanted to get rid of her primitive/country decor and go more farmhouse/modern so I designed & built some wood backdrops for some of her wall decor and she bought some new things, too. Mom also got new dinnerware to display in her china cabinet. It was a pretty makeover, for sure. Read about that HERE.

In the spring of 2019, I renovated/updated their kitchen. I painted the cabinets, countertops, door hardware, coffee bar, and walls. I designed & helped install beadboard paneling for a backsplash. You can read about those details HERE.

The living room started out the same pale beige pink as was in the kitchen (throughout all the main areas, really). I, with the help of family, fixed the bumpy walls and painted the living room in 2017. Other than a few decor changes, the biggest change just happened now in April 2020. Mom had been wanting me to paint her fireplace white but other projects and life just kept getting in the way. Until now. I painted her fireplace, end tables, a floor lamp, wall shutters, mirror frame, and decor pieces and transformed her living room. You can read all about that HERE.

And finally, the 'Before' pictures. Like I said, we don't have many at all. But, you can get the idea of the transformation anyway.

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